Grass-Finished Beef Prices*:

We sell our beef by hanging weight, which is the harvested animal as delivered to the butcher for processing. Hanging weight is generally around 60% of the live weight. We harvest our steers at approximately 900 – 1,200lbs live weight. However, weight varies with each animal.

Hanging weight:

This is the weight of the hanging carcass, after harvest but before aging and trimming. We will assist you if you wish to follow the method we use to have your meat processed and ready to take home to your freezer. You may choose either a custom processor or a USDA processor. If you choose a custom processor, the animal is harvested on our farm and then transported to the processing site. If you choose a USDA processor, the live animal is transported to the processing site. In either event, you talk directly to the processor about cut selection. You will also pay the processing fee directly to the processor, the transportation fee directly to the transporter and the kill fee directly to the harvester.

The processing fee is paid directly to the processor at the time you pick up your beef. Hanging weight is not packaged weight. In all instances, packaged weight is less than hanging weight as the beef loses weight during the aging process and bone removal.  You may talk to the processor concerning the average percentage of shrinkage.

Example for 1/2 beef: (custom processed)

1200 lb live weight animal will be approximately 720 lbs hanging weight
1/2 of a beef Processing fee Killing fee
360 x $4.50 0.50 x 360
$1,620.00 + 180.00 + 35.00 = $1,835.00

Weights and losses will vary with each animal.